Phproject is maintained as an open source project for use by anyone around the world. If you find a bug or would like to see a new feature added, feel free to create an issue on Github or submit a pull request with new code.

In order to ease debugging, set the DEBUG value to 3 in config.php. In addition to giving more detail on error pages, level 3 enables displaying a query log in the page footer that includes query times and shows which queries were cached.


Phproject is translated by our wonderful community on Crowdin. If you would like to help with translations, contribute either directly to our dictionary on Crowdin, or translate our demo site in-context at If a language you want to translate to is not listed in our Crowdin project, please open an issue on GitHub and we'll add the language.

Code Standards

In order to keep things clean and consistent, we follow the PSR-2 standard for PHP formatting. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files should use 4 spaces for indentation.

Be sure to keep indentation clean and consistent with the rest of the project as well, as it makes finding a particular block of code much easier. These standards should be used whenever contributing to the main project or when writing a plugin for Phproject.